The multi-purpose helicopter Mi-8АМТ (manufacturer code Mi-171) is a modern modification of the Mi-8/ Mi-17 helicopter with TV3-117 engines and Vr-14 gearbox.

Helicopter is designed to solve a wide range of tasks: transporting passengers and cargo, transporting bulky cargo on an external sling, conducting search and rescue operations, evacuating of the injured.

Helicopter full flight simulator is the integrated system consisting of the standard helicopter cockpit with the real controls, equipped with the complete set of instruments and cockpit equipment imitators, visualization system, digital computing and modelling complex, motion system, instructor’s operation station with the integrated debriefing system.

The full flight simulator imitates real flight as well as operation of all helicopter systems with high accuracy and in real time.

Helicopter full flight simulator enables crew members to practice the following tasks:

  • Preflight cockpit equipment inspection and test, getting ready for flight;
  • Getting ready for the start, engines start and test, testing operation of helicopter systems and equipment according to the checklist;
  • Aeronautical information input and check, taxiing, turns and turns around, running and braking;
  • Hovering, climbing, cruise flight, descent and landing, including autorotation;
  • Day and night flights in any weather conditions, en-route flight with use of radio navigation aids and visual orientation;
  • Practicing crew actions and flight technique in good and bad weather conditions, at day and night in all operational range of flight altitudes and speeds;
  • Imitation of operation of all helicopter instruments and systems;
  • Practicing emergency procedures as well as those in cases of mistakes in flight techniques and aircraft failures according to the Flight Manual;
  • Debriefing.

The standard cockpit of the simulated helicopter is equipped with the complete set of fully functional instruments and equipment imitators identical to the real ones are used for construction of the flight simulator. The imitators provide the crew with all necessary information about the flight and operation of helicopter systems thus creating realistic environment in the cockpit.

All instruments and equipment imitators have been developed and manufactured by “AVIA”, Ltd. independently.

The visualization system with the spherical screen and multichannel image system together with the modern six degrees of freedom electro pneumatic motion system provide highly realistic imitation of helicopter flight.

Instructor’s station of the full flight simulator is used for guidance and control of the training process.

The recorder system is the important integrate part of the flight simulator and allows to debrief crew actions completely and in full as well as to check completeness and quality of the flight task performance during debriefing.

Crew actions versatile, step-by-step analysis after the training flight is highly important for practicing emergency procedures, which allows substantial increase of crew training quality within short time. The system is autonomous and can be used while another crew is training in the simulator.

Helicopter full flight simulator allows imitation of flight training in any environment that is maximally proximate to the real one as well as practice exercises and situations in flight that are very risky or are difficult to reach in a real helicopter. Impossibility to practice such flight skills has negative effect on crews training, attaining difficult combat missions, flying in difficult conditions and handling emergencies.

Experience and skills obtained during training in the full flight simulator increase flight safety, avoid losses of human lives and save complex aircrafts.