BOEING - 757/767

ln 2010, an AZAL Flight Training Centre was opened at the Academy. lt has modern training facilities, enabling different types of basic, intermediate and advanced training for flight crews and ground personnel. The Centre is equipped with full flight simulators to train pilots to operate Airbus А320/А319, Boeing-757/767, ATR-42/72, and Mi-8AMT helicopters. Currently, they аге considered the most advanced simulators of this class and comply with level D, the highest international standard for certification of flight simulators.

Full flight simulator B-767-300 ER combined with B757-200 fit is equipped with:

  • Туре and model - В-767-300 ER FFS combined with B757- 200 fit
  • ID No - UK/AZ-551AZ (B767 fit) and UK/AZ-551BZ (B757 fit) JAR FSTD Level D
  • Engines-CF6-80C2 B6F (B767 fit), RR RB211-535E4 (B757-fit)
  • Manufacturer - Thales Training & Simulation Ltd. (П&S)
  • ln service since - February 1, 2011 (B767 fit) and August 8, 2011 (B757 fit)
  • Motion System - THALES еМ2К
  • Manufacturer - Rockwell Collins ЕР8000
  • Field of View - 200 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical