Frequently asked questions

1. Can individuals be trained and receive relevant certificates in the FTC?

In accordance with the policy established by the management of JSC Azal and the National Aviation Academy to ensure the safety of flights, training of individuals in the FTC is not carried out currently. Training is conducted only on the basis of official agreements between the FTC and legal entities (civil aviation organizations).

2. We would like to know, can simulators installed in the FTC be used for large-scale use? Is it possible to make payment and perform training flights?

We would like to make a note that as simulators installed in the FTC do not have an entertaining nature, they are intended only for the civil aviation use. Flights in simulators are simulated completely in accordance with the requirements of the top international standards and the simulators regularly pass quality compliance tests. For this reason our simulators are intended only for crew training. The notes mentioned above is also reflected in the documents agreed with international civil aviation organizations.

3. Currently, what type of aircraft can be trained at your centre?

Currently training in the FTC is being carried out on western types such as Boeing 757/767, Airbus 320, ATR 72-500, and on CIS aircrafts such as IL-76 and Mi-8AMT.

4. How can we get information about the price of training in the FTC?

Due to being commercially confidential information, as well as the internal governing documents of CJSC AZAL, such information (the price of training on aircraft simulators in the FTC) is a commercial secret of the organization and it may be issued to civil aviation organizations (legal entities) who officially apply for cooperation.

5. Is the quality of simulator compliance to the aircraft types tested periodically?

Yes, periodic (annual) testing of the quality of simulators compliance is registered with the appropriate certificates. The inspections are carried out by the State Civil Aviation Administration under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Aviation Safety Agency - EASA. You can see the certificates in the relevant section of our site.